A powerful Genarrator narrative


January was built in Genarrator 1: this version ran on Flash, and you will find it in the ‘Legacy’ section under the ‘Explore narratives’ tab. The piece was made by a BA Communication and Media student, Kathleen Iren. It tells the story of a ‘real’ little girl who suffers from some form of mental illness, and seems to terrorise her family – but we never know exactly what is happening, and we never know exactly what the truth is. Are the parents lying about the little girl? So, from a purely narrative perspective, it has guts, tension, enigma – it is also well written in terms of its verbal language. But beyond that, it uses media well – video, sounds, graphics are all really effective in telling the story, adding to the mood, giving us information about the characters. Furthermore, interactivity is all meaningful – you never feel you are just clicking around pointlessly. The final plus is that it all flows – navigation is simple and aids the storytelling and reading experience. Very well designed. You can follow this link if you want to ‘read’ it.  http://genarrator.org/view-legacy/?narrative=708

Please note: because of the dark nature of some of the content of this piece, you need to set up an account with us to view this piece. It’s only a matter of creating a username and login.

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