• Perlmutter continues to perform with his group of four

    In 1955, Jones appeared on the CBS anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents in the episode “The Cheney Vase” as a secretary assisting her scheming boyfriend Darren McGavin in attempting an art theft, and opposite Ruta Lee.In 1956 human hair wigs, Jones appeared in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and in Alfred Hitchcock’s remake of his […]


    The new look Genarrator is here!

    The School of Journalism, English and Communication at Bournemouth University is proud to release version 2.0 of Genarrator, our purpose-built, dedicated new-media writing and publishing platform. All you need to do is set up an account and you can create and publish your own interactive narratives, online, free. All the building is done online, and […]


    A powerful Genarrator narrative

    January was built in Genarrator 1: this version ran on Flash, and you will find it in the ‘Legacy’ section under the ‘Explore narratives’ tab. The piece was made by a BA Communication and Media student, Kathleen Iren. It tells the story of a ‘real’ little girl who suffers from some form of mental illness, […]

    The northern visitors also enjoyed a 5 4 advantage in the late

    4) Post memes at r/Jordan_Peterson_Memes. Which is essentially that the necessity of free speech supersedes one preferred pronoun. He mainly addresses this in his hypothetical of calling a black student “Barnabas”. For a band versed in the do it yourself spirit cheap jordans, this was no problem. For a while, they considered releasing their own […]