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    Scary Stuff!

    The popularity of scary stories never really fades, and it’s no surprise that Genarrator writers have made some great narratives in the horror genre. WARNING:  if you don’t like frights and shocks, don’t read these! A Wondering Mind by Mads Evans: ghosts, haunted rooms, macabre beings – all the trappings of a great psychological thriller.   Into […]


    Bishop of Winchester Academy digital storytelling project 2019

    Bournemouth University undergraduates and media faculty staff once again worked with the Bishop of Winchester Academy to create four multi-media digital narratives. This time they did it all in three days! We took four Media Faculty undergraduates into the school and each undergraduate mentored a team of Bishop of Winchester students. See the finished narratives and […]


    Children’s story adaptations

    Our Genarrator writers have produced several clever adaptations of children’s books. Adaptation in this interactive digital environment is especially interesting, because you don’t just move the story from one medium to another, but you add media into the mix, and you offer interactive elements. Have a look at these examples: An epic adaptation of the […]

    Bishop of Winchester Year 10

    Bishop of Winchester Academy project

    In four days, Friday May 17th and Tuesday May 22nd, 20 Year 10 students from Bishop of Winchester Academy in Bournemouth, UK, created 4 individual narratives, They were supported by undergraduates from Bournemouth University and sixth formers from the school. This project was sponsored by Cision and Bournemouth University. This is what sixth formers Ellen and Kurt had to […]

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    Stories about social issues

    Several Genarrator narratives deal with real-life issues, and we thought it would be good to feature some of these interesting and educational pieces. These are really aimed at 0ver 16’s so please use caution when watching/reading. Dead Inside, Stay Alive by Louis Moore: deals with the potential effects of using alcohol and drugs to deal with […]

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    Bournemouth Uni and AIM

    During May 2016, five young people from Bournemouth made a new interactive narrative. Supported by lecturers from Bournemouth University, and the AIM Central team, the narrative came together. In five days from start to finish, the team wrote their script, shot video, took photos, recorded original music, and created social networking sites to complement the […]

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    BU-AIM writing project

    Bournemouth University Journalism students made this great short film about the BU-AIM digital storytelling project, which produced the narrative ‘Friend-Zoned’. See the film here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSSvcKL3GbU


    When You Fall – author Lili Kane talks about her Genarrator narrative

    This interactive narrative was influenced by a variety of things – ranging from horror movies, simulation games and vintage-styled aesthetics. I attempted to blend this eclectic group of inspirations to create an intriguing and gripping narrative, which was not only entertaining, but visually pleasing. Focusing on a dream-like world really let my creative freedom run […]


    The new look Genarrator is here!

    The School of Journalism, English and Communication at Bournemouth University is proud to release version 2.0 of Genarrator, our purpose-built, dedicated new-media writing and publishing platform. All you need to do is set up an account and you can create and publish your own interactive narratives, online, free. All the building is done online, and […]


    A powerful Genarrator narrative

    January was built in Genarrator 1: this version ran on Flash, and you will find it in the ‘Legacy’ section under the ‘Explore narratives’ tab. The piece was made by a BA Communication and Media student, Kathleen Iren. It tells the story of a ‘real’ little girl who suffers from some form of mental illness, […]

    Reporter: If you Google Tom Taylor

    Did you know who Tom Taylor was? I had no idea but he told me in the message he was best friends with Chris Andersen. Reporter: If you Google Tom Taylor, he’s right there, a professional video gamer cheap nfl jerseys, and that’s who Paris thinks she’s talking to. And what did the message say? […]