Stories about social issues

Several Genarrator narratives deal with real-life issues, and we thought it would be good to feature some of these interesting and educational pieces. These are really aimed at 0ver 16’s so please use caution when watching/reading.

hang on

Dead Inside, Stay Alive by Louis Moore: deals with the potential effects of using alcohol and drugs to deal with low confidence and depression. Beware, there are some powerful and possibly upsetting scenes in this one, and the use of vlogs and multi-faceted screens is very effective in creating the main character’s state of mind.



The Dying Mind, by Jamie Paddock. A moving and personal account of anxiety, low mood and the search for sexual identity.



Blackout, by Bee Allmen tells the story of a young woman who becomes the victim of spiked drinks in clubland. This is fiction, but cleverly told as a journalistic story, inviting you to participate.


sleeping girl

Alice, by Rhiannon Eckley: a tough look at the downward spiral caused by drug abuse – the sub-title of this is ‘Alice in not-so wonderful land’. There are some graphic scenes and explicit language in this one.



The Girl With A Bindhi by Pooja Poopat: an insightful story about race, identity, and prejudice.



To My Bones by Mireia Reverte: a powerful story about beauty expectations and eating disorders. Warning: some of the images might be disturbing.